Finished knitted skipping rope (jump rope) for Christmas

I was flipping through some old magazines last night when I saw the pattern for the jump rope I thought would make a good present for my five year old who has turned into a skipping-aholic since starting kindergarten this year. Of course I forgot about it until it is less than a week until Christmas.

So while out for a walk today, we stopped at the yarn store where I let her pick out two colors, while not telling her what it was for. I told her I’d tell her if she guessed right (knowing the odds just weren’t on her side!) and she guessed all the usual knitting suspects like scarves, socks, mittens and hats. I even started knitting it while she was watching me (“I know what it is mom, a snake!”). It didn’t take too long and I finished it tonight.

It was my first adventure with double point needles, and it took some getting used to wielding four needles instead of the usual two. But I do feel I could probably now tackle socks without too much difficulty. I was pleased she chose a darker shade for one of the colors, so it won’t show dust or dirt if she takes it outside on the deck. We’ll see how well it stands up during very active use 😉 It was a very fast knit, so still time to whip one up for Christmas!

Pattern: Jump Rope – “For the Playground”
Source: Creative Knitting Magazine – September 2005
Yarn: Patons Canadiana – Super Purple & Pink
Needle: 4.5mm DP

Now back to the Fleece Artist Poncho I am working on for a Christmas present!