Classic Aran poncho pattern

Everytime I come across the Aran poncho knitting pattern from Canadian Living Magazine I keep thinking how much I want to knit this!

It can be made with less expensive acrylic/wool combo Patons Decor, or with Patons Merino Wool. The sample is done with the the traditional Aran color, but the Natural Marl keeps catching my eye everytime I think about doing this poncho. Of course, I could just be completely predictable and go burgundy!

Asian-inspired purse kit from Needful Yarns

I have been a fan of Needful Yarns for ages, and have completed several projects from their pattern books. I just saw this new purse kit added to their website, and I think it is love at first sight.

The kit is actually called the Roma Handbag. It is knit with Kim, a yarn I really loved when I knit up a poncho with both Kim and Kelly earlier this year.

I thought I remembered this particular purse from a previous pattern book… they also had it in Needful Yarns book 302, but in a pink and blue color combo with different handles, and had such a different look when compared to this red and black version in the kit.