Classic Aran poncho pattern

Everytime I come across the Aran poncho knitting pattern from Canadian Living Magazine I keep thinking how much I want to knit this!

It can be made with less expensive acrylic/wool combo Patons Decor, or with Patons Merino Wool. The sample is done with the the traditional Aran color, but the Natural Marl keeps catching my eye everytime I think about doing this poncho. Of course, I could just be completely predictable and go burgundy!


  1. Knitarella says:

    I eyed up the Merino today while picking up the jump rope yarn… fortunately (or unfortunately!) I couldn’t remember the number of balls needed for this one. And I knew I would be too tempted to start this before finishing off all the Christmas presents, so not remembering was a good thing!

  2. Hi,
    I too keep looking at the Aran Poncho pattern. I am trying to decide if it looks simple enough to take on. In looking at the pattern, it’s very confusing to me. Where do rows 3 and 4 from panel pattern B come into play, I don’t see them referenced at all in the pattern.

    If you decide to start, let me know and I’ll start at the same time!

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